CITP Spotlight: Hadi AlShawaf, Logistics & Supply Chain Professional


Hadi AlShawaf, CITP headshot

Hadi AlShawaf, CITP headshot

Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: Jan. 2020

As Hadi Alshawaf says, 

“I enjoy working in a diverse work environment, improving my communication skills, and working with people from other backgrounds as it exposes me to different working styles and ideas.” 

It’s no surprise then, that after completing his pharmacy bachelor’s degree from a university in Jordan, Hadi joined an international pharmaceutical company, helping them promote their products in Saudi Arabian markets. He specifically chose to work with an international organization as it would provide him valuable exposure to the various aspects of international business, including the opportunity for workrelated travel and networking. It was during this tenure that Hadi made business trips to 20 countries around the world – an experience that made a huge positive impact on his communication skills. 

The importance of “the right time” and “the right way”

Working in the pharmaceutical industry, Hadi knew firsthand the importance of timely delivery of the medical products to patients that needed them. He is proud to have been a part of a team that had achieved a smooth and efficient supply chain process, ensuring continuous availability of the medicines to their customers. 

An accomplishment to cherish and a valuable experience

As a student at Fanshawe College, Hadi was a part of the 2019 team that represented the institution in a Canada-wide SCMA (Supply Chain Management Association) student case competition. They competed against 22 teams from various institutions across Canada and came in second placeHadi remembers the practice sessions with his teammates when they analyzed a case every week and then presented the same to their professors, seeking their tips and guidance. This experience taught Hadi valuable lessons in team spirit, critical thinking and presentation abilities – skills that he’s sure will stand him in excellent stead throughout his professional journey.  

Enhancing professional experience with industry-backed business education

For Hadi, it was a natural progression to equip himself with broader business know-how by completing the FITTskills courses in international trade. 

One FITTskills course had a particularly strong impact on him: 

International Market Entry Strategies provided me with excellent approaches to make the right decisions regarding internationalization, which market to enter, entry mode, distribution and pricing decisions.

Hadi positively recommends FITTskills courses for anyone keen on or planning a career in international business and trade.  

The road to the CITP®|FIBP® designation

After being totally immersed in building his professional skills and working hard at acquiring valuable experience, Hadi took the next step to boost his credentials by earning the professional stamp of expertise as an international trade practitioner.  

I see that the CITP®|FIBP® designation officially validates the level of professional competency of international trade professionals worldwide, which will give my employers, clients and colleagues additional confidence in my skills.

Hadi applied for and went on to be awarded the CITP in January 2020He is immensely proud to have earned the elite designation as it not only validates his knowledge and experience but distinguishes him as an internationally certified trade practitioner.  

Dreams of becoming a leader and a mentor

Hadi is confident that the designation will help him connect with entrepreneurstrade professionals and reputed companies which will open the doors to more possibilities for career growth 

He believes that the journey is all about learning, more than just reaching a destination. In the future, he hopes to take on the role of an international trade consultant, offering guidance, ideas and strategy to those that are just beginning their career.   

I’ve had amazing mentors and managers in my past positions, so I’d like to be able to provide similar guidance, potentially taking on a leadership role.

With his compelling enthusiasm, interest and self-motivation, we’re sure Hadi has everything it takes to build a successful career and achieve his goals. 

Want to connect with Hadi?

LinkedIn: Hadi AlShawaf

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