EDC and FITT Teaming up to Educate Canada’s Next Generation of Trade Leaders


EDC-FITT Annoucement

EDC-FITT Annoucement(OTTAWA) – October 3, 2017

Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) today announced a formalized partnership to deliver enhanced trade education to Canadian companies and trade professionals.

At the core of the partnership is the creation of the EDC-FITT International Trade Learning Centre (Centre) – a digital platform from which EDC and FITT will offer information, learning modules, and other knowledge-based resources focused on helping small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) go, grow and succeed internationally. The Centre is expected to be fully operational in early 2018.

“By partnering with FITT to educate more Canadians about international trade, we’re strengthening Canada’s trade ecosystem and helping to build this country’s next generation of trade leaders,” said Mairead Lavery, Senior Vice-President, Business Development, EDC.

“We hear from exporters all the time that knowledge is one of the most important tools for building international success, so this initiative is really about EDC adding value to the knowledge resources that FITT has already built, and making these more broadly accessible and relevant to the needs of Canadian companies engaged in trade.”

Since 1992, FITT has educated Canadians on trade and continuously improved the delivery and quality of their services. For more than 70 years, EDC has served as Canada’s export credit agency and accumulated considerable experience and expertise in the world of trade finance. The expanded partnership with FITT creates a new channel for EDC to share its real-time, practical experience of trading internationally with Canadian companies and the trade professionals who support them.

“The EDC-FITT Centre will expand the available sources of credible and relevant international trade knowledge to ensure businesses have the information needed to maximize opportunities in international trade,” said Caroline Tompkins, President and CEO of FITT. “This partnership with EDC is about boosting Canada’s proficiency in trade to a new level.”

The official announcement of the partnership was made at FITT’s international business conference, Your Future in Global Markets, which marked FITT’s 25-year anniversary.

To learn more about FITT or to sign up for trade training, please visit FITT’s website.

About FITT

FITT is Canada’s National Standards, Certification and Training Body for international trade practitioners. A world-recognized not-for-profit leader in building international business competence, FITT sets the standards and designs the training programs for the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. Centered on international trade best practices and delivered by a broad network of educational partners, and online, FITT’s quality training programs impart knowledge and practical skills that trade practitioners can apply immediately – providing a competitive advantage and elevating their position in global markets.

About EDC

EDC helps Canadian companies go, grow, and succeed in their international business. As a financial Crown corporation, EDC provides financing, insurance, bonding, trade knowledge, and matchmaking connections to help Canadian companies sell and invest abroad. EDC can also provide financial solutions to foreign buyers to facilitate and grow purchases from Canadian companies.

For more information about how we can help your company, call us at
1-888-434-8508 or visit www.edc.ca.

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Author: FITT Team

The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is the standards, certification and training body dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses. Created by business for business, FITT’s international business training solutions are the standard of excellence for global trade professionals around the world.

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