Vancouver is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific


Vancouver is Canada's Gateway to the Pacific

Vancouver is Canada's Gateway to the Pacific

The city of Vancouver is one of the most important trade areas in BC, and indeed across Canada, with Port Metro Vancouver standing as the largest and most diverse port in the country, and one of the busiest in North America.

Trade relationships between Canada and the Pacific Rim countries, as well as a general increase in Canadian exports, has pushed Vancouver into the spotlight as Canada’s capital of trade.

Wallace Chan, an international trade instructor at Ashton College in Vancouver, explains:

Since relationships between Canada and the Pacific Rim countries are rapidly developing, there should be an increase in demand for our seaports: definitely a good thing for Canada (and for Vancouver specifically).

“This will help us, as a city, diversify our business and industries and create more work opportunities for those involved in global trade.”

Vancouver’s importance as a contributing factor to the growth in Canada’s export industry should not be underestimated. As Wallace notes, the Canadian export market is currently in a transitional period.

“It seems like the combination of goods and services that are being transported from Canada to other countries is gradually changing. In the past, Canada used to rely mostly on exporting natural resources, like coal and timber, especially on the west coast. Now, however, we are talking more about made-in-Canada products and Canadian services.”

Check out more information about the importance of trade in Vancouver in the infographic below:

Vancouver Infographic

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Author: Alex Nikotina

Alex Nikotina is an Online Marketing Assistant at Ashton College in Vancouver, BC. Originally from Russia, Alex loves to travel and experience new countries, having previously spent time in Japan before moving to Canada.

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