Talking all about virtual trade finance


Talking virtual trade finance

Talking virtual trade finance

The world of trade finance is moving faster than ever. So, at FITT, we wanted to talk about the ways in which technology is shaping its future, and how that will affect businesses involved in exporting and importing products and services.

To do this, we selected virtual trade finance as the topic for our latest monthly #TradeElite Twitter chat. While there are many angles and facets of this growing industry to consider, our talented and experienced group of experts guided us through this complex world.

Over the course of our hour-long chat, they broke the topic down in easy-to-understand ways, while also providing complex analysis to dig deeper into the main issues.

The conversation on virtual trade finance took place on May 5, 2016. Find out more about our expert moderator and panelists, and check out the highlights from the chat below.


Chris Principe (@cmpleo) lives in South Florida, and has over 25 years of experience in the trade finance industry. He currently serves as the Publisher of Financial IT magazine, and continues to hold roles with other banking and trade finance companies.


Haseeb Awan (@haseeb) is a Fintech entrepreneur. He is currently researching the impacts of currency fluctuations on businesses. He has also co-founded BitAccess, and splits his time between Ottawa, Islamabad and San Francisco.

JT Burke (@jtjtburke) is the VP of Business Development for China Systems US and Canada, a leading trade services solution vendor based in New York.

Enrico Camerinelli (@ecameri) lives in Italy and holds several roles, including Vice President of the CSCMP Italian Roundtable, Senior Research Analyst, Europe for Aite Group, and subject matter expert in supply chain program development for the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

Rebecca Harding (@rebeccaaharding) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Equant Analytics in Brighton, UK, a FinTech and Advisory business combining macroeconomic, geopolitical and market data with tailored analytical, risk and trading interfaces.

Ed Marsh (@edbmarsh) lives in the Boston area and is the Founder and Principal of Consulium Global Business Advisors, a management consulting company.

Dr. Michele Vincenti, CITP|FIBP (@alvana1) is President and CEO of Alvana Business Consulting Inc. in Vancouver, BC. He has many years of previous experience in trade finance, and has taught international business courses at several post-secondary institutions.

What does virtual trade mean to you?

What are the components needed to make trade virtual?

What are the biggest roadblocks to achieving virtual trade?

Who will lead the push towards virtual trade: corporations, FinTech companies, banks or government?

Why hasn’t e-invoicing become more widely used, despite the benefits?

Can virtual trade help SMEs overcome obstacles to trade financing like on-boarding, compliance and risk?

What will be the big innovative changes in supply chains over the next few years?

Could a cryptocurrency, if implemented compliantly and correctly, become a trade currency?

Read the rest of the chat and follow future discussions by following the #TradeElite hashtag.

Stay tuned for the next #TradeElite chat, coming up Thursday, June 2 from 2:30-3:30PM EST.

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